Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Belongs to the family Sapotaceae,  miracle fruit's origin can be traced back to tropical west and west central Africa. The fruits are small berries that have only a mild sweet tang. The berry is not treasured for its own taste, but the fruit has unique effect on taste buds. It has got the ability to turn any sour food deliciously  sweet. The reason behind this remarkable effect is the presence of the glycoprotein called the miraculin, which attaches to the taste buds and thereby altering the taste receptors. Citrus fruits, and even the vinegar tastes sweet when consumed  after eating a miracle fruit. The plant is a shrub or small tree that can be grown as a potted or an indoor ornamental plant. The plant flowers profusely and bear fruits all-round the year. The fruit is mainly consumed fresh because its glycoprotein can deteriorate overnight. 

Health benefits associated with miracle fruits are manifold. Miracle fruit has the ability to taste food better. The salad tastes better when dressed with vinegar and also green tea when served with lemon. Most patients undergoing chemotherapy are troubled with a loss of appetite because the radiation treatment always leaves a metallic aftertaste in mouth. This makes the patients to develop an aversion to a healthy appetite. The miracle fruit allegedly counteracts a metallic taste in the mouth, which is one of the main side effects of chemotherapy. 

The miracle fruit offers a solution by becoming an all in all natural sweetener, not only does it make all sour foods sweet, even bitter food tastes better and also it comes packed with necessary anti-oxidants and nutrients. Miracle fruit is something that can become a diabetic's close friend that has no other harmful effects. The fruit tends to enhance not only the sweetness but also the flavour and aroma of most of many of the foods.

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Dr.Sunny George
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  1. how to cultivate?
    Where can I get?
    What is the price?

    1. Most of the plant nurseries have this plant now.

      Can be planted on ground or kept in a pot. This plant prefers to have some shade.

      1. https://www.google.co.in/maps/place/Eden+Nursery/@9.9398071,75.8999793,9z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1seden+nursery!3m4!1s0x3b08068dca32b9df:0x505fd0e69f3aa796!8m2!3d10.2046613!4d76.3823611

      2. SwapnaChitra, Koratty : http://swapnachithra.com/#gallery

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